Saturday, May 23, 2009

last night in OP

I have packed and unpacked and packed once more. I am happy living out of a suitcase. As I look back at the last few years, that holds true. I loved going to Young Life camps. I loved my times with Kailey in California. I loved my trips to Indiana to see Sam and the WC pals. I loved surprising Lauren in Spokane, WA. I love my suitcase life.

Today I hung out with my mama. I will miss her love and her laugh while abroad. I had lunch with my pops, too. I will miss his love and his humor while abroad. Some good ol' Thetas stopped by for yummy desert tonight. Shout out to Ellie Steer, Ann Kincaid and Emily Dellwig! I will miss my friends, too.

Okay, lets not be too sappy. I am so excited. I go to Lawrence tomorrow to see friends. I leave for Chicago on Monday. Life is great.

Here is a picture I took on my drive home from Iowa. I saw the cows roaming with the beautiful blue sky behind them and could not help but pull off to the side of the road and capture the moment.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my trip to Iowa

The Omaha Zoo
What a trip. I drove to Griswold, Iowa yesterday to visit all my grandparents and then chaperone a field trip to the zoo today. The drive to Iowa was great and then awful. I was enjoying myself listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talk about her love for Italy in her novel Eat, Pray, Love. Yes, I listen to books on tape sometimes. Then before I knew what hit me (literally), I was in between two trucks from Colorado on I80 outside of Council Bluffs.

I am okay. Everyone is okay. My poor car is alright... I will need new bumpers considering their is a
hole in the front one. It was not the best way to start off my little trip. All in all, I am really lucky. It was the guy who hit me from behind's fault and I won't be needing my car fixed right away since I am leaving the States for at least six weeks. So, it stinks, but could be much worse. I would know.

The zoo was so fun! I now want to feed the sharks at the zoo or be an elementary school teacher when I grow up. Being in Iowa and visiting all my grandparents truely has been a blessing. They are all so great. I am lucky.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the blogging begins

Summer '09 is going to such an epic summer.
Here is my life in a nutshell. Now I am home at my parents in Overland Park. I leave tomorrow to visit my grandparents in Iowa. Tuesday I am heading to the Omaha Zoo with my Grandma Betty and some kiddos as a chaperon for the elementary school field trip.
Wednesday through Monday I will packing up my life and preparing for my departure to Europe. So if you are in OP come visit me!
Monday, May 25th I am heading to Chicago with Natalie Butters who was gracious enough to let me accompany her on her drive home.
Wednesday, May 27th I fly from Chicago to Dublin. I will be vacationing with three other KU students there until late Saturday night May 30th when we fly to Pisa, Italy. We then need to make our way to Florence on Sunday to meet our host families and be at the Duomo by 6 p.m.
May 31st to June 26th I will be living with an Italian woman only a 5min walk from our school. I will be taking Italian classes through KU while I am there.
Here is the mailing address for when I am in Florence May 31st through June 26th. Please please send me some love in forms of letters, cards, packages, presents, cash, checks, etc. (I am kidding, a letter will be just fine). I will be sure to send you an amazing postcard from abroad.

Sarah Weaver
Centro Linguistico Italiano “Dante Alighieri”
Piazza della Repubblica 5
50123 Firenze, Italy

After June 26th I am heading to visit Viktoria Torssell in Sweden and then Denmark. After visiting her, I plan to backpack Europe. As of now, I have no plans other than
to see all that I can see. Tentativily, I plan to head back to the States for August and September.

As for the fall, I have exciting news that never gets old to talk abot it. I am going to Bible School in New Zealand from Oct 12-Nov 20. It is an ABS program through Capernwray Bible School. Check out their website. It is incredible. Here are pictures!
I will be taking the semester off from KU to go to Capernwray. I will miss my friends, Lawrence, DoCo Young Life, Kappa Alpha Theta, basically just KU and its awesomeness. However, I will be back at KU in the spring.

Well this was a lot of information. Feel free to e-mail me anytime at I would love to hear from everyone. Tell me about your lives and summer plans. Oh and Skype Me!