Friday, January 7, 2011

Updated my Bucket List

My bucket list was six short of 200, and that seemed silly. So here it is. Bucket List 1.2.0:

1. See every State in the US

2. Visit every continent

3. Skydive (again)

4. Sing to an audience June 15, 2010 Karaoke at KJI

5. Edit my own video June 23, 2010 Kailey and Sarah’s California Adventures

6. See a movie alone

7. Witness Hot Air Balloon Week in Switzerland

8. Spend a whole day helping someone

9. Donate blood Spring Semester Feb. 26, 2010

10. Paraglide

11. Go white water rafting

12. Watch Tour D’France live

13. Try windsurfing

14. Try kitesurfing

15. Swim with sharks

16. Teach English as a second language

17. Visit Patagonia

18. Surf in Bali

19. Drive on Pan-America Hwy

20. Drive on Route 66

21. Visit Vanautu and do drugs

22. Drive the Great Ocean Road

23. Feed dolphins

24. Witness Pipeline Surf Competition

25. Watch Olympic event live

26. Experience a canopy tour

27. Hike to the bottom of Grand Canyon

28. Sail the ocean blue

29. live a month without internet

30. read a book in one day

31. feed a baby kangaroo

32. witness sunrise at Byron Bay lighthouse

33. drive a motorcycle

34. live in a van

35. visit a temple

36. eat pizza in Naples

37. eat a bug

38. catch a fish and eat it

39. skinny dip in Chi-O fountain

40. streak on Jayhawk Blvd

41. tan on a topless beach- you guessed it, topless!

42. Wash tomatoes out of my hair after tomatoes festival

43. Ride an elephant

44. Survive a Full Moon Party

45. Ride a camel

46. See the Seven Wonders of the world

47. Do a keg stand

48. Buy someone New Zealand’s jade

49. Drive on the left side of the road

50. Work/volunteer at orphanage

51. Hike Tongario Crossing

52. Takes pictures of Doubtful Sound

53. Attend famous award ceremony

54. Attend film festival Banff Film Festival 2010

55. Get a sunburn at Burning Man festival

56. Go to a drive-in movie

57. Let live fish eat dead skin off my feet

58. Drink German beer at Oktoberfest

59. Listen to live music in Glastonbury

60. Celebrate at the Rio Carnival

61. Eat Gelato everyday for a week in Italy

62. Pay for a meal by doing dishes

63. Put money in a stranger’s meter

64. See fireworks in Sydney Harbor

65. Climb the Sydney bridge

66. Party at Mardi Gras

67. Bring in the New Year at Times Square

68. Try to paddle board

69. Wear a mascot costume

70. Be a librarian August 21, 2010 CCO service day at Lawrence Public Library

71. Attend Extreme Sports Week in Norway

72. See the natural light show of the North

73. Go on a cruise

74. Visit neighbors to the North, eh?

75. See a dogsled race live

76. Operate a rollercoaster

77. Be on a jumbo screen at a sporting event Alex and I at the KU Sprint Center game

78. Be featured in a newspaper

79. Climb a tree

80. Camp out for tickets

81. Have something published

82. Make a film

83. Shot an animal (hunting)

84. Cook a live lobster

85. Announce a ball game

86. Teach someone something valuable

87. Meet a celebrity

88. Swim in all the Great Lakes

89. See Niagara Falls on Canadian side

90. Ride a Venetian gondola

91. Graduate from college

92. Help someone move in

93. Sneak into a movie

94. Ride in a cop car

95. Make a quilt

96. Have something tailored to me

97. Ride a donkey

98. Have a tea time in England

99. Visit an automobile factory

100. Camp in Yosemite

101. Design a web site

102. Paint a room

103. Pick a lock

104. Drink buckets on Phi Phi island

105. Scuba dive with tropical fish

106. Bartend

107. Make money on a street corner (no nudity)

108. Make my own ice cream

109. Churn butter

110. Witness Amish lifestyle

111. Milk a goat

112. Spend a whole day in bed with a cute guy

113. Send myself flowers

114. Graffiti something

115. Fast for a reason

116. Laugh a comedy club

117. Witness Olympic Opening Ceremony live

118. Go to a gay bar

119. Cheer on the Cubs at Wrigley Stadium May 16, 2010

120. Sleep in a car

121. Wear a big hat to the Kentucky Derby

122. Surprise someone Bought Alex Muninger Cubs Tickets May 2010

123. Go to class drunk

124. Have sex in public

125. Enjoy a liquid diet for a day

126. Take a picture with Mount Rushmore

127. Applaud a Broadway show

128. Stand at the Four Corners

129. Drink a Margarita in Mexico

130. Walk the Great Wall of China

131. Sing a Lion King song on a safari

132. Have an accent for a day

133. Explore Machu Picchu

134. Ride in a helicopter

135. Pet a dolphin

136. Shower in a waterfall (nude?)

137. Teach someone to read

138. Drive America coast to coast

139. Have a job I love Livia Roesler’s Nanny; Jan 2010-present

140. Grow a garden

141. Fart in a crowed space

142. Go on a blind date

143. Rock out at Warp Tour

144. Ask a stranger to go on a date

145. Train for a half-marathon

146. Send my Mom flowers

147. Sleep in a cemetery

148. Learn to juggle

149. Experience weightlessness

150. Eat something alive

151. Buy an Around-the-World ticket

152. Don’t shave my legs for a month

153. Meet the President

154. Be a DJ at a party

155. Drink a coffee at the first Starbucks

156. Spend all day at a museum

157. Buy a piece of artwork

158. Enjoy a picnic somewhere beautiful

159. Stargaze with someone I love

160. See a Solar Eclipse

161. Play a whole game of golf

162. Take my parents on a trip

163. Take my baby brother Payton abroad

164. Ride a horse

165. Plant a tree

166. Go to the airport without a plane ticket and fly out

167. Fly a kite

168. Smile at the Mona Lisa

169. Start a new life in a new country

170. Bake a cake for someone

171. Ride the tallest roller coaster

172. Drive on the Autobahn

173. Hit a bull’s eye on the dartboard

174. Throw a party

175. Give a speech to 1,000 people

176. Fly a plane

177. Do something selfless

178. See a waterfall in Kansas

179. Pee on the Big Ball of Twine Dec. 26, 2010 (couldn’t really pee)

180. Roller blade in a public building

181. Drive on campus during school hours

182. See a sunset at Michigan lake

183. Laugh in Saturday Night Live’s audience

184. Spend less than $5 for a day

185. Create something I’m proud of

186. Get Married

187. Play in a creek

188. Cheer on a tennis match

189. Buy a House

190. See a golf open with my Dad

191. Visit Wall Street

192. Tour UK Parliament

193. Plan a charity event to benefit others

194. Learn something about outer space at the Seattle Space Needle

195. Laugh until I cry

196. Be a tourist in Kansas

197. Throw a party for no reason

198. Plan a bar crawl

199. Live without a car

200. Bike 100 miles

If ANYONE sees ANYTHING that they want to help me cross off my list. PLEASE tell me and help me cross off my Bucket List.